Welcome to Udo Duve Int. Transports

You are looking for a reliable company which is transporting your goods from A to B and which is also available for you in high season? Then you’ve come to the right place! Throughout our long history, we have specialized in the national and international road haulage and offer you a flexible house to house traffic between your pickup and your shipping adress. With pleasure we are also offering a just-in-time delivery, which we can also carry out on Sundays or on holidays because of our Exemtion for driving bans.

Our customer is king – you decide how much loading units you need and we provide you our customizable vehicles which are loadable exactly how you need it. Of course we give you advice if you need to.

Give us a call and get in touch with the benefits of the cargo transport by road.

Trade Show and Event Logistic

In the area of trade show and event logistics we provide a punctual supply of loading units to guarantees a smooth set up and dismantling process. The early supply and loading of empty loading units allows a smoother organization and implementation of your projects. With our special permit for the ban on HGVs driving on Sundays and public holidays we are able to offer a flexible planning of pick-ups and deliveries according to your needs. A 24/7 availability is obligatory.


In the area of part and full loading services the professional planning of our own truck fleet guarantees a delivery in due time. The cooperation with partners gives us the flexibility to provide free loading capacities also for higher demands during seasonal periods.

Truck Fleet

Our modern truck fleet corresponds to the newest environmental demands. Our loading units come with the DIN EN 12642 Code XL load safety certificate, enabling a usage for both general cargo and beverage logistics. All vehicles are equipped with GPS.
With the possibility of a expandable lateral floor load height the interior height can be used completely and a secure loading can be assured.
The ceiling of the loading units can be opened from rear to front and vice versa. This enables a positive crane loading.
Vehicle units can also be customized to your needs.